Unfinished* by Victor Marrero

1       He carved what he carved and left them, just as they are. And so they stayed from that moment on. Untouched. Undone. Four figureson display model, a mold cast aside. Their striking postures style mastery unbounded by matter or mind, immured to imperfection.  The coarse-grain stones languished in the rough, imprisoned in solid vaults quarried from their native rock while the master lived and worked … Continue reading Unfinished* by Victor Marrero

Does An Artist Need to Be Tragic to Succeed?

An alarming quote from Lana Del Rey in an interview for The Guardian back in June of 2014 found her asserting, “I wish I was dead already.” Alluding to her idols, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, Del Rey’s wistfulness over the freedom one can achieve through death poses the question: Does an artist need to be tragic to succeed? Seeming to intuit that, yes, an … Continue reading Does An Artist Need to Be Tragic to Succeed?