Egypt by Nina Živančević

I often travelled to Africa and even lived in it twice, but out of that enormous continent I loved best the queen of all these ancient cradles of civilization: the country called Egypt. I was given the opportunity to visit it several times. My first trip, which comes to me in snatches, was the best, the most romantic one, and the last one–before the explosion … Continue reading Egypt by Nina Živančević

Abject or débris Art by Nina Živančević

1. One day I stopped loving it I felt being its only representation, representative and a uniformed statue. I was the only replica of my own insane creation, I became a dated caricature of my old powerful but degenerated self, a piece of Débris art admired by the connoisseurs of the Abject long ago. I knew death was around the corner, now that I had … Continue reading Abject or débris Art by Nina Živančević