Simulacrum by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

It’s a Belmondo day, a morning À bout de souffle — “The Girl” giving away AM New York mumbles French. Disjunct, the sun, double- jointed like a thumb, traces ellipse, bound to the earth by suspicion, uncertain whereabouts, up to something no doubt, lost in thought. But now the tissue of clouds as illusion tears, letting color there be light, sound deafen exposure of black … Continue reading Simulacrum by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

Sabbatical by Sean Dolan

When she told her boss she was quitting, he didn’t seem surprised, or even worried. Only confused and proud, pretending he knew much more about the situation than she did. “You know your job won’t be available when you get back right?” He asked as if she really didn’t know the answer, his tone somewhere in between condescension and snobbery. “Yes, I know.” He expected … Continue reading Sabbatical by Sean Dolan