Something Beautiful by Susie Gharib

In the wake of numerous regional and civil wars, disease, curfews and devastating earthquakes, which have all led to an impoverished state, I decide to fill each deprivation-bred day with a portion of something beautiful that defies the Furies, the godly elite and the scribes of destination that have proliferated and thrived in recent years. A diary, which keeps a record of the events or … Continue reading Something Beautiful by Susie Gharib

No One Asked For This (Until They Fucking Well Asked For It)

Is writing a book about feeling guilty for how much privilege you have arguably the most privileged thing a “writer” can do? Probably. And right down to the title, Cazzie David has a “please don’t hate me” aura that drips off the pages like saccharine ooze disguised as sarcasm and malcontentedness. Considering David’s claims that she’s already thought the worst possible things about herself over … Continue reading No One Asked For This (Until They Fucking Well Asked For It)

Egypt by Nina Živančević

I often travelled to Africa and even lived in it twice, but out of that enormous continent I loved best the queen of all these ancient cradles of civilization: the country called Egypt. I was given the opportunity to visit it several times. My first trip, which comes to me in snatches, was the best, the most romantic one, and the last one–before the explosion … Continue reading Egypt by Nina Živančević