Nova Reeves Poems, Day 1: “November Yucca”

City crickets.
Yucca in bloom, November passion
flowers quietly lighting
small fences

you, and how you love
despite deep internal bleeding, discord,
and the seasons of love
pouring over you
as viscous, rust-red, internal; strength of heart,
strength of bleeding
iron and oxygen
the seasons of love
pour and flow over you
no matter how you try to deny it
Try to keep it all quiet
obvious rising, falling
my breast,
     in your bed.

The two of us deserted, on Island
looking at the west side
yucca and cactus in bloom
pale colors unsupported, but stronger,
strongest root and bloom if in your heart
the internal bleeding blooms,
leafing out, heart arterial branches

how essential our flowers
quietly lighting
small fences

Nova Reeves is from the West Coast, and has been published in San Francisco, Berkeley and Seattle. She garners inspiration from loss, history, and all things related to Mexico, after having spent time volunteering in Chiapas. 

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