“The Opiate” by Armando Jaramillo Garcia

It was there to keep you company
Forget its outward appearance was one
Of vehicle for the specialized masses
Which numbered very few
You put your finances on alert
Though they failed you more than once
You outed your self-interest without regret
Banking terms dogging you
Even in the bedroom or backrooms
Where savory deals were made
Cuisine exchanged for temporary
Assurances and points of interest
Out of which you could construct
Humming fictions where horn sections
Ruled sharing one microphone
Meant it was all angled to a point
A new mood with slide trombone
Choked applause you wore as clothes
Not thinking too much about what
Comes after in a distance suffocated
By spittle confessions at close range
Purring on your lap it was a dog
In adverbs of no uncertain terms

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