Untitled in Blue by Gabriella Garofalo

Maybe she enjoyed rambling about novels
She used to skim in the dark–
The night Persephone bluntly shushed me
I was going to ask:
Got a light, sister?
But chickened out,
Migraine jotting down words on my head,
Her spidery handwriting
Pouncing me from my skin:
That’s why they all got lost,
Teenage years life lent me to give back my soul,
Blazing rows among magenta leaves–
Beware they went AWOL–
Darts of blue on a sofa,
Even mothers who exiled small creatures
To a forest where everyone’s got
A match or a torch to set alight
Bread, salt, bonfires
As soon as moons and souls rise up–
Look, let’s go outside, shall we,
Even the sky might make sense
If he acted blue, surprise, surprise,
Or crept in to hunt red berries–
Oh love, my love, as a matter of fact
Forests and skies come last,
They stay behind
When frenzied sparks of light
Give flesh the evil eye
And wave hello to demise.

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