If The World Is Indistinct by Amy Poague

then your various eyes stare across the room
at the Snellen chart:
nonsense, smartly ordered, meaning
Glyphs are just shapes
before they are threads
weaving a mind
in and out.

From where do the eye’s minds return?
Meaning’s long silence
gives you time to interpret the chart
as an abbreviated handbook for visionaries,
so cover the mind’s eyes
and read, handing over your tangled understanding
to the optometrist.

You will know you require glasses
to snip away excess revelation
when the chart evanesces into an open sky
of electron clouds.

Your uncertainty principle ought to be
modified by spectacles.

How have you never needed to choose between obscurity
and more dangerous obscurity?

Put on the specs for a vision befitting a visionary:
the eye of the needle.

The orbital you can thread today.

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