Breathed in helium… by Zeke Greenwald

Please do not be kind to me,
I think that’d be best;
I’m alone and unaccustomed
To any easiness.

I might cease to struggle forth;
I might just lose heart;
For I’m tense, and your tenderness
Might take me apart.

I’m inflated with long patience;
I fear your kind relief
Might strike the balloon
Of my striving grief.

I’ve been propelled, light and rigid,
And I’ve contended on,
As if from lived disaster,
I breathe in helium.

I’ve had to learn ambition
For want of place to rest,
So its softness will undo me:
My needle is your breast.

I’ll give up if your affection
Were given to me;
And with my hopes and my afflictions
I, too, will cease to be.

2 thoughts on “Breathed in helium… by Zeke Greenwald

    1. I really got into this poem after the third time. Strangely I found myself confronted with what seemed like new connections between for example “tense” and “tenderness” as if this was a new state Ive not been aware of before. I think the spareness or maybe precision of this work was the real experience.

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