On falling in love with right-wing Latinx butterflies by Francisco Orozco

Lisbon, Portugal

They say that the most beautiful women in the world are from Venezuela, from Latin America; according to Miss Universe.

Throughout my life, I came to the realization that Mexicans are not seen as beautiful, since I am a Mexican. Mexicans did not do the thing that beautiful people (white middle class people) do. 

By the way, what makes a woman beautiful? 

The Miss Guatemala beauty model that drove Eduardo Galeano around rebel territory only to die by right-wing paramilitaries later must have been beautiful. 

We walk around not knowing who are lovers will be. 

I have heard stories of poor Latin Americans falling in love in places like Chiapas, Montreal, the South of France and East Oakland. 

But do you want to talk about what it felt like for a beautiful Venezuelan woman to throw you out of her house? Rich people still can’t buy love.

There is so much wealth on an avocado tree in Mexico, only to spoil as they migrate north. You can see how all these trees are on antidepressants.

It must be that Latina women that pick up arms are more heavenly, which makes us more beautiful. 

Malinche was not beautiful. 

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