In Plain Sight by Ralph Watkins

In plain sight, laying back in the cut,
camouflaged into my surroundings and
blending in real nice–
I see things all the time, without
other people knowing
I’m there or watching–

I saw who robbed who,
when they weren’t home,
I saw who was cheating on
who, when they thought
they were alone–

Tell you the truth.
I need help, trying not to close my eyes or look the other way.
But trust, I will tell on myself
before I tell on any of you.
I know the God I serve is
forever watching over me

But I can tell you,
the government is corrupt,
don’t ever trust what you’re
drinking from an open cup,
and it’s sad to know, that
even the self-righteous
can’t get it right

I just happened to be minding
my own business and couldn’t
help to notice, the things people
do when they think the world
is asleep, at work or, damn it, not looking.

Of course if you ask them, they’re going lie, even if you come home early and catch them in that lie. People will go to their grave having you believe, the picture they’ve painted for you, then simply tell you the truth. 

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