Hooters by Zeke Greenwald

It’s early morning, I hear an owl;
I heard that owl a night ago
When a strahl of orange street lamps were
A brass band for a single owl tone.

That’s when I went to sleep, and like
Other people I was in bed;
I did as others for a night,
But I’m an unfellowed kind of man.

I heard the owl this morning for 
Last night I didn’t get to sleep.
Once more I had a conversation;
Once more I was told to leave. 

I imagine owls in the morning 
Saying partings like humans do at night,
And I’m the wretched creature who 
Must say goodbye all of the time. 

It wasn’t unfriendly; us two friends 
Decided that I shouldn’t stay. 
I’ll have to decided where next I’ll go,
But first I’ll sleep most of today.  

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