Becoming Planets by Kashiana Singh

If I could be a planet
I would like to be Mercury
Baring myself to the sun, those times
When I need brightness seven times stronger than myself
Or maybe the clumsy Uranus
Stuttering sideways, self-effacing but
Living the moods of my 27 moons and
Never having to explain myself before or after menopause
I have even speculated Mars
Red in the face, evidence of my travails
Receding further into my atmosphere, I would
Mock the men who stumbled for oxygen, after kissing me
Maybe Neptune is who I will be
Distant, forlorn and cold to touch
Icicles inside my craters, as I paced
Centuries of black holes, no one to fault my dance
I am a planet though; as every woman before
I bleed myself hollow; I swallow my volcanoes
I spin for all before me who were dwarfed, I spin
I draw orbits around names of all our departed souls
I weave a Kuiper belt with the fallen ringlets of my hair
I gather our screams till they pierce through veins of these stars
I repeat all of the above, I rotate, I revolve, I churn, I burn, I am born
into the firmament above—
I become my solar system

5 thoughts on “Becoming Planets by Kashiana Singh

  1. Kashiana with her knowlege of Astronomy has woven a besutiful dream by projecting hersel
    Into different planets.
    To get brightness or .to be the master of her varying moods or to recede in to herself as a woman . ,mocking the men who get suffocated after implanting just a kiss,-she seeks to become different
    Planets .
    Her emotional outburst for the suffering woman seems to get reflected ” from the screams”
    Which pierce & puncher vanities and veins of all the stars having different domonant characteristics

    The poet does not believe in ” It is the stars – the stars above us that Govern our condition” rather

    becomes her own solar system
    A forceful poem ! Extremely well,written .

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