Jackie at 93% by Ben Nardolilli

I’ll get back to her, I’m ready to embrace our answers, present
Jackie to me now, I have the strength I need to deal with the modern day
adventures we must plan in order to get know one another, 
the key? I built it from my historical provisions, which mostly consist
of gripping stories, that’s how I ascend through the reality of today

Jackie is a must-see, am I a must-meet? Should I move things
into the realm of emails and begin by asking her if she received the message
I still haven’t sent to her? Or maybe the political outpaces the personal,
I can ask for opinions about the NRA, about Congress, about he 
who must not be named, our non-fiction nightmare overrules my poetry.

I’m not here to inspire youth, I’m still at the bottom of a mediocre 
kind of canyon, Jackie is at the top, we match online,
and I will someday be a somebody who can craft the right message to her,
I’ve reviewed the copies like I’m interviewing myself in my head,
the mind is just a companion podcast to life, nothing more, nothing less

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