Rewind by Soulrac

As I struggle to put on my glasses
I’m an ageless wonder who moves like molasses
My hair is disheveled so I comb every fiber back in order
To create an image of togetherness
My clothes are simple and fashion isn’t my focus
My favorite tv shows are re-runs
My shoes are slippers because it hurts too much to bend over to tie my sneakers
I slowly move to the recliner
I sit down and take a breath and I’m reminded
How I dislike being old and wish I can press rewind
To the day I first opened my eyes
Where I first saw the sun rise
As I laid on my father’s chest
Hearing his heartbeat and feeling my mom’s caress
Wearing my first Easter outfit and seeing my mother in her Easter dress
Being under that ole apple tree where I got my first kiss
The first love letter I wrote
Is forever ingrained in my mind like the first words I spoke
When all my friends were snaggletoothed and we thought we would never lose our youth
The day I met heaven which eventually became my wife
When my daughter was born and responsibility become a friend for life.
Those were the good ole days
Our memory paints pictures perfectly
And the bad times are erased.
Like my first heartbreak
The day my father passed who never recovered from that car crash
The tears my mother cried that ruined her makeup from being left alone
Asking God nightly what she did wrong
She struggled to create happiness in a broken home
A time before we could have imagined Obama as President
Where people were valued based on skin color a false measurement
My brother who went to the military and fought in the war but never returned
How I fell in love with my wife before we lost concern
The day she told me we couldn’t have the son I wanted to carry my name
How I patted her on the back and said we’ll be all right when I was nestled in pain
The day she laid in that wooden coffin and I wish I could take back every bad word I said
And spent more time nurturing our love and complimented her more instead
The day my daughter told me she disowned me
Because I judged her relationship wrongly
Until the day I went into this nursing home and understood the true meaning of being lonely
My reflections may be hasty if only
I had a chance to change it all and  right the wrongs.
Life is a composition and we all sing our own songs
At least I can salvage the one thing I need the most, my daughter
And become alive to her again no longer be a ghost
Take it from me life can be unkind
To deal with a painful past we want to move back time
Is it worth reliving the hurt from the past?
Because life is a teacher and we can never master his class
Aren’t you glad you got through it time after time
So keep the button on play and please don’t rewind

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