Familiar Strangers by Nadia Telenchuk

The night before the moon was round
I saw two familiar strangers in the street
The air was late and tipsy
And magnificent
Full of sound

I saw two familiar strangers
Sharing a moment of truth
Their black suits
Suiting the deep-dark cloth
Of the night
Which screamed to be young

White collars were hiding
The little secrets
Under their collarbones
Moving slowly up and down and up and down
In the slightest attempts
Not to breathe

I saw what cannot be named with words
For they are gone the moment you say them

Dance with me, love
For I know you can

2 thoughts on “Familiar Strangers by Nadia Telenchuk

    1. This piece was inspired by a story my best friend told me. It was a special moment for him and a good friend of his who yet had to discover how they saw each other. It was a night after an official ceremony, so both men were wearing suit-and-tie attire. The story of the moment they shared has moved me, as if I’d been there myself to witness it. The picture you see above isn’t related to the poem, don’t let you get distracted (:

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