A Glass Darkly by Dawn Bratton

Safely out of my hands from here
just let it have its way with you
already an image in decay
it writes itself from the back

Don’t give this moment more than its own weight in gold
a story that I’m telling
never put too much by tales told of old

I tell myself stories outside of infinity
brooding in blindness or escaped to oblivion
I always knew it was hiding in the dark
where not expected

Death let you out of the bag and now I’ve got it
am risen from the dead
my life reverse incarnated
the shadowside 
a marriage of life and death
revolving revolving
rising and falling

The pulse and the beat
the warp and the weave
again and again
waking and sleeping
breathing and dreaming
I’ve come here to dream
I’ve come here to dream
I dream and I dream

I tell myself stories inside infinity
inside infinity I’m just a rumor
makes no difference
it all still happens.
Just the other half seen
through a glass darkly
makes the poem, the song

I’ll wake me again in infinity
through the shuttle of thought
a passing torch in the darkness 
rotting forward or burning backward 
my life was your death
my death is your life
revolving revolving

The poet goes blind
she becomes her death nicely

For through a glass darkly
outside of time
she writes you this song

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