The Cost of Living in Hell by Susie Gharib

After years of living in Frostitowne,
of surviving blizzards and unabating snowstorms,
he resolved to renounce one of the ruling gods,
and by incensing his anger,
secure a lodging in the infernal underworld.

His frozen marrow that imbibed the heat with glee
astounded Charon who had earlier ferried him.
The cramped toes that looked like frosted claws
began to drip their molten wax.
His chilblains dissolved in the boiling sulfur 
that poured on his hands.
The arthritic joints rejoiced at the fire 
that licked his arms and legs.

But after the lapse of nearly one month,
He received a heavy bill for the fuel 
consumed in scorching his bones,
and when he could not afford the expense,
he was evicted from Hell
without a notice!

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