Sometimes by Rich McFarlin


Sometimes at night,
When dreams won’t come,
And sleep feels far away,
And visions of the past mistakes,
Lay at my feet and keep me up,
Playing games that only sleep can play.
Think about the things I’ve done,
And things I might wish back,
But wishes cannot change the past,
Power to affect the past,
the wishes always seem to lack.

Lakes are holes of consequences,
Filled with tears shed in regret,
While rivers run with possibles,
Of things that have not happened yet.
Mistakes are not if only they show,
the road that you should travel,
And only become when dreams do grow,
And help one’s life unravel.

Sometimes at night,
When dreams won’t call,
And the ceiling is my only friend,
My tired eyes do tend to fix
On things I’d rather see again.
Things that made my heart to smile,
Or brought tears to my eye,
I cast my mind back to the place,
Of things gone by,

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