Masquerade by Anna Kapungu

A femme fatale I played the characterRecount stories of deceitTo win your heartBlonde hair, pink lips, reflection of a pictureA haze, I walked into your EarthDisguised as a desperate childWho thirsts for waterHunger for power of possessionPossession of your heartAn act the drama of ShakespeareProfess love that was odiousShow of affectionWith bile on my tongueHold no time for shamePlaced in a cornerThe living hours gave me … Continue reading Masquerade by Anna Kapungu

Hope Everlasting by Anna Kapungu

I miss every second you walked out of my doorThe time we spentTears of hilarity You were the cupid to my heartCupid to this state of mindHappiness drove us aboundI shone like the moonlightFire was the spirit within usEndless, those were the days with youStill I sit and wait for your return Sit and wait for your returnTales of the forces that drove us apartNature never seemed … Continue reading Hope Everlasting by Anna Kapungu

She Was Earning A Living by Anna Kapungu

Times were hardShe was earning a livingThree jobs a dayPaid the rent, school fees and food on the tableNo Easter, summer vacations or Christmas partiesMeals were breakfast in the morningPorridge, homemade bread, water for teaBought charity clothes from the dollar storesLived on friends’ generosity and borrowed moneyBankrupt, the banks refused to give us creditMilk tokens from the government Water was rationedBathed once every two daysWe hardly … Continue reading She Was Earning A Living by Anna Kapungu