Symphony by Anna Kapungu

I find myself screaming
It is the same symphony 
Never again, never again
You let me down
Trust is but a word used by others
The ones that have found love that is true
At the human race I look with blank eyes
A cry, a symphony
Of course I only wanted to love you
To have the best friendship a girl could have
Sit outside the house in New Orleans
With barbequed Texas beef steaks, fried scampi and sweet corn
Sun sets in the West
Talk about the jazz shows
Harry Connick Jr., Kermit Ruffins and Louis Armstrong
The friends we have lost along the way
And the journey to Israel 
The way, the truth to Emmanuel
The truth is I gave you custody of my love
A responsibility, a duty
These tears are a symphony
Music I have heard before
I only want to be loved
You let me down

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