Spell-caster by Caroline Reddy

I cleared the ashes atop the altar
and decluttered my fairy garden
to grow,
for the flicker was hidden
and the words were dim
as I began to awaken:

beneath the crescent cloth
underneath the shards 

I left the circle
and let the poking pitchfork
splash spurts of blue and purple
to the renewal of my heart.

I closed my eyes and let the tears drip  
and dreamt of the quartz crystals
to pour,
for the light of Earendel appeared
and the planets smiled
as I began to widen:

beyond the shadows
beyond the bitter wind.

I bottled up all the yarrow in mason jars
along with stardust dreams
to dispel will-o’-the wisp
and let the moon’s glow
soften the ripples
with the mating call of the fireflies,
shimmering across the water.


Caroline Reddy’s work has been accepted or published in Active Muse, Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, Braided Way, Calliope, Clinch, Grey Sparrow, International Human Rights Arts Festival, Quail Bell and Star*line,  among others. In the fall of 2021, her poem, “A Sacred Dance,” was nominated for the Best of The Net prize by Active Muse. A native of Shiraz, Iran, Caroline Reddy is working on a collection of poems titled Star Being, which chronicles the life of a star being on Earth. 

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