Hope Everlasting by Anna Kapungu

I miss every second you walked out of my door
The time we spent
Tears of hilarity 
You were the cupid to my heart
Cupid to this state of mind
Happiness drove us abound
I shone like the moonlight
Fire was the spirit within us
Endless, those were the days with you
Still I sit and wait for your return

Sit and wait for your return
Tales of the forces that drove us apart
Nature never seemed so still
So beautiful
Hours passed into days
Days into years
Passion into warmth 
Warmth into hypothermic

Sit and wait for your return
Your humanity dominates my spirit 
Benevolent, your disposition
Humble and generous
Our days were que sera sera
My arms are open wide
Hold on to hope everlasting
I refuse to walk out on love
No tears, just love, love in me
I feel  
Sit and wait for your return

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