I have been confined by O’ar Pali

I have been confined in speech. I have been confined in thought.  I have been confined in hope… And even happiness, Within my far set nest.  And I have been unleashed –Like the Big Bang –And the eternal twang!  I have seen a world –Yes… live within one thought. I have tasted exotic fruits –That were all but bruised…  What jewels(!) and fools(!) Someone lend – a … Continue reading I have been confined by O’ar Pali

This Madding Parade by O’ar Pali

The whole world, masked,For this phantom lust –Of Mother Nature gone wild Devouring her own cubs.  Still…Stand still.Don’t move an inch,Passed that window sill. Stand.Still. Hush.Don’t breathe –Man’s fate Hanging there Like a beggar Passed the gates,Of that ledge, Past the window’s Flowery bed, And forward Into that past,Yet to be shed – At last.  Yes. Stand still. Stand there. Don’t think, Don’t seek,Don’t dream,– of yesterdays.Don’t gleam, on Love’s passed parades, Those past lives,Those past falters In your eyes.  Still. Stand. Still. And … Continue reading This Madding Parade by O’ar Pali

Loud Fading Clocks by O’ar Pali

I heard the clocks Chime in A new year, As candles Burning bright Faded out past Sights.  I felt my body Shake, as Memories came Back,And bones standing Still Held tight,At the new dawn’s Foreshadowing light. While warm embracesOf past kisses Bathed away bygone Loves, and miseries: And I like Wendy Danced in My mind’s eye – With Happy,DwindlingFairy dust, There rising, Flying, To new Neverlands, New homes, New birthsNew unruly Seas, Of what is yet –To be. Melting away Sad thoughts As Peter Pan Flew with me,  And I heard theDear young soul Cry … Continue reading Loud Fading Clocks by O’ar Pali

Let’s Drink by O’ar Pali

Don’tSpeak. Let’s Drink.  Let’s Have A shot.  Let’s Not GetCaught,  In These SeaweedTowers, Or These Crawling Cities, With Their Drowning Cars,  And Their Busy BodyMen,  With Their Bright Lies,  In their Swimming Pools OfDirt,  And their Tentacles Of Thought. No.That All Serves Us Nought.  Just Sucks Us Dry, Until We die.  Let’s Not Have That.  Let’s Order, Jack!  Let’s HaveA chin-chinTo Apollo’s Grin, That Heals And Mocks, All That’s Within.  Let’s Have One more,  Let’s Land On some Shore,  Where Dolphins Sing,Instead Of swim, And Lions Purr,Instead Of Roar,  Let’s Embark, For the Ark, To thatCrazy Park. …Let’s Have A…Sancerre, Pretend We don’t Care.  …Do you Hear That  Croon? Life Out Of Tune?  HearThat whipOf Wings?  Good. NowSee it Salute, To that Mad,Champagne Flute.  Let’s have Another! Let us Not Bother,  With OurGrowing Past  JustSee, How  It Grasps!  Like An infant,OrA Child,It Demands Us Entire. …Aww,Don’tYou Love  Melancholy,  How It Breaks The Monotony,   How it Warms The…TimeLike  Afine Wine?  No!We shallNot Be … Continue reading Let’s Drink by O’ar Pali