I have been confined by O’ar Pali

I have been confined in speech.

I have been confined in thought. 

I have been confined in hope…

And even happiness, 
Within my far set nest. 

And I have been unleashed –
Like the Big Bang –
And the eternal twang! 

I have seen a world –
Yes… live within one thought.

I have tasted exotic fruits –
That were all but bruised… 

What jewels(!) and fools(!) 
Someone lend – a noose?

Yet, I have seen it all.
And, all, without fanfare. 

I have spilled it free…
Until evolution took in me. 

I have seen men, 
Masked in evil spells,
And I have felt it – fall,
Their guardian at the door. 

Like crazy conquistadors,
We have seen but – it

Until without a fault, 
It all, came, to naught. 

But on this – hollow’s eve, 
I see, the good – 
In this – unleash…
The good – 
In all survived!
Still rejoicing – 
In being alive. 

So, walk, into the unknown, 
Fear not man’s fate,

For come, what may,
What shall be, shall be, 
And it is not for us to see. 

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