Loud Fading Clocks by O’ar Pali

I heard the clocks 
Chime in 
A new year, 
As candles 
Burning bright 
Faded out past 

I felt my body 
Shake, as 
Memories came 
And bones standing 
Held tight,
At the new dawn’s 
Foreshadowing light.

While warm embraces
Of past kisses 
Bathed away bygone 
Loves, and miseries: 
And I like Wendy 
Danced in 
My mind’s eye – 
With Happy,
Fairy dust,

There rising, 
To new 
New homes, 
New births
New unruly 
Of what is yet –
To be. 
Melting away 
Sad thoughts 
As Peter Pan 
Flew with me, 

And I heard the
Dear young soul 
Cry out in muted 
Glee – 
“Happy 2020 
To whoever 
Is awake,
With eyes wide 
To hear these 
Words in this time – 
Of unforeseen 
And height.”

4 thoughts on “Loud Fading Clocks by O’ar Pali

  1. @atelierprincipen I like that a great deal. Indeed ‘Interior! Interior! Now open… and marvel!’ Beautifully done. Happy 2020, O’ar

  2. 2020 meets –

    “Midnight has come, and the great Christ Church Bell
    And many a lesser bell sound through the room”

    1920 meets –

    “Charm’d magic casements, opening on the foam
    Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn”

    1820 –

    “Already with thee! tender is the night…”

    Stay well y’all!!

  3. @rufo thank you for those beautiful words Rufo! Seems strange to believe that in the blink of an eye we too shall be yesteryears.

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