My Struggle by Ron Kolm

In 1992 Jerry Brown,
The liberal ex-governor of California,
Ran against Bill Clinton
In the race to become
The Democratic nominee for President
Of the United States of America.
He entered the New York primary
And came to New York City to campaign.
While he was here he shopped
In Coliseum Bookstore on 57th Street
Surrounded by a phalanx
Of Secret Service agents.
When he approached the cash register
With a pile of books
I leaned over from my post
At the bag check counter
To see what he was buying.
At the top of the stack was a copy
Of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf!
I was so shocked I lost my balance
And almost toppled onto Mr. Brown,
But a burly agent blocked my fall
And told me to be more careful.
I apologized and left the front of the store
To use the bathroom in the basement
Wondering if Jerry actually thought
That Hitler’s book
Might help him win the election.

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