Metamorphosis by Ron Kolm

I’d been going through a terrible time, separating from my wife, and everything I touched, broke.I was working in a bookstore on 8th Street in New York City,the only person on the night shift, barely hanging on to the job.Among the tasks I had to do every evening after closing was clean the bathroom.Late one night I accidentally knocked an empty vase off the back of the toilet sending it crashing into the porcelain bowlcreating … Continue reading Metamorphosis by Ron Kolm

Me and Patti Smith by Ron Kolm

For a brief while many years agoPatti Smith and I workedin the Strand Bookstore at the same time.I did get the chance to see her performwith Lenny Kaye playing guitaron a rooftop high above Grand Street,but our main interaction happenedwhen she strode up to me in the storeand thrust the Caedmon recordingof James Joyce reading into my hands.“Someone told me I looked like himand gave … Continue reading Me and Patti Smith by Ron Kolm

The Heart Cries Eternally by Ron Kolm

We had terrible fights, with littlepeace between the conflagrations.When we finally split up, I tossedmy wedding band down a sewer gratehoping I’d broken the circleof never-ending pain. Recently,after too many White Russians,I told a friend what I’d done years ago.“Damn,” he said, “You should have sold itto a jewelry store in the Diamond District.”“Nope,” I confessed. “Every time I wentto 47th Street, it was to spend money.I would … Continue reading The Heart Cries Eternally by Ron Kolm

Sinbad’s Lament by Ron Kolm

I tumble over stormbad seasSandwiched betweenThe clouds and the deep.It’s been a terrible tripLasting foreverAnd I long for the safetyOf your harbor.  Sweetly asleep I soon shall beAfloat on currents of wind and rainUntil the final sea-change.  Weaving through the hazeWary gulls avoid my gaze.I wish they’d tell meWhat finally happenedTo dear old dirty Sinbad.  Continue reading Sinbad’s Lament by Ron Kolm

Death Is A Soldier by Ron Kolm

What he really isIs a middle-aged guyWearing camo,Who reads a lot of booksOn military history and dreamsWhat the World would be likeIf Hitler had won the war.He sits in a neighborhood bar,Hunched over a White Russian,Watching TV.Every time he looksAt the screenSomething happens:Tornadoes slap Tennessee,Coronavirus erupts in China,Trump opens his mouth.He nods sagelyAnd sips his drinkAs these disasters occurIn real time.Even as he staresAt his … Continue reading Death Is A Soldier by Ron Kolm