The Isak Dinesen Moment by Kathryn Adisman

I identify with Isak Dinesen in her old age.
Instead of remembering the Out of Africa author,
self-styled and elegant Baroness Karen von Blixen,

What sticks in my brain is this awful Old Lady image:
Isak Dinesen getting off an airplane
with her pantyhose twisted, creeping down her legs.

Caught unawares in this sudden state of disarray,
the Princess Adventuress
turns into a bag lady.

2 thoughts on “The Isak Dinesen Moment by Kathryn Adisman

    1. On Easter Sunday I wore pantyhose to church. Sit, stand, kneel, pray at the communion rail that the hose will get up with me.
      It has come to this, you are so right.
      X Eleanore

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