Full Of It! by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Why do you do it   Mister Moon?  
Why do you shine us on so?

Why lie and deceive 
hide and deflect? 

One moment you’re here 
the next…  I suspect 

it’s to confuse us    to use us 
as a mirror for your unconscious 

So indirect   your reflections   deceptions 
your subtle inflections 

Our dream half-lit   just a slice of it— 
the stuffing dreams are made of  

You’re cold   you’re cool 
Your push   is your pull  

How we howl   how we drool 
in our longing for love 

You think us all fools!  
You—the old sage   all the rage 

a baby boomer   a swooner 
a looney-tuner   a crooner from the ice age 

You should know better by now 
(You should have married the cow) 

Every night   you’re on the run 
Why can’t you stay in one place? 

look at me full in the face? 
Ohhhhh   why can’t you be more like the sun?! 

Mind you   I’m not all that bitter 
but don’t bullshit a bullshitter! 

I’m onto your omens and phases 
Few could steal your stark thunder 

None can replace   your celestial light 
But   why leave us in the dark? 

I’m tired of the chase! 
I won’t take back the night! 

So   is it any wonder    I may take cover 
but I refuse to remain under 

your spell   Mister Moon 
I think you’re swell   Mister Moon 

but   go to Hell   Mister Blue 
And    now    I’m over you! 

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