4:43 pm Via degli Orfani, 84 by Ann Pedone

“I’m no art expert, but I know that mentula means prick”

“Or chicken vindaloo”

“Or: Con maschile pudore e maschile impudicizia

“I’m telling you. I’m only here because he begged
me to get on the next flight. Insisted he needed me to talk
with someone who owed him something, eccetera,
(eccetera?) Which I knew was a lie”

“Carbone. Car—bone. Or goat. Or goat’s milk?”

“I said he could fuck Rome, but I would consider
meeting him in Venice. I know, the one little word
Venice. It’s just like the sound a cock makes as you jack it off”


“Although that’s certainly a factor. Just think about the number
of words in Italian that come from Arabic”

“Rome was essentially built on a swamp; which, of course, Pasolini
never knew” 

“It’s true I have lived in many cold apartments, and eaten a lot of
hard-boiled eggs”

“How many ways are there to say sodomy in French?”

“The way a pair of tights smells after you’ve worn them all day”

“It smells of moldering stone. Or foreskin. To burst near a hill
full of goats”

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